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Most Secure & Affordable Solution for Protecting your Property and Loved ones!

Here Are Some Stats That Inspired Us To Make 360° DigiEye:

  • In The US, A Burglary Occurs Every 13 Seconds,
    Australia Every 18 And In Germany Every 23 Seconds!

  • Only 17% Of Australian Homes Have A Security System

  • Homes Without A Security System Have A 300% More Chance Of Getting Broken Into

  • 65% Of Burglaries Occur During The Day To Reduce The Chance Of Someone Being Home

  • According To The FBI The Average Loss Per Burglary In The First Half Of 2019 Is $12,416

How Does Digieye Work?

The DigiEye Outdoor Camera is the new solution to provide safety to our homes and families. After a quick and very easy installation, it records in HD day or night. It is designed to be practical, so all you need to do is position it somewhere, and it will automatically register and track anything that moves AND send you a notification when that happens. And there is even more, it has a 2-way audio system integrated so, for example, you will be able to say something to the thief to make him run away the very same moment you get notified, and not having to rush home or wait for the police to come!


DigiEye will connect easily to your home or office WiFis network, allowing you to access your video from anywhere with an internet connection. Using the intuitive app, available for both iOS and Android, you're able to stream real-time video. DigiEye makes home and office monitoring on the go easy for everyone.  Compatible with almost all routers. Support 2.4G wifi band (IEEE 802.11b/g/n) (5Ghz not supported). Network cable connection option is also available for places that are outside the range of the wifi router.


DigiEye Smart Camera automatically tracks the moving object, body, pet, and center the moving object on camera always. Automatically returns to “pre-setting location” to guard the object after 10s when nobody appears or moving.


You will receive alerts directly on your smartphone from app anytime motion is detected. Wide-angle and high sensitive motion sensor offers almost no false alarms. No human movement can slip through without your notice. Don't need to stare at online video all the time. Identify hidden dangers in time, Or better care for the elderly, children, pets.


Can’t see the illegal license plate number? Can't see the face of the destroyer? You will see all details with the 1080P High-Definition advanced glass lens with using the H.264 High Profile compression technology, which can be the lowest code rate and HD image. You can also use it for video recording fast forward, backward and playback.


Compared to the old version of the fixed angle camera, DigiEye has 320° horizontal & 120° vertical rotation, that can cover all areas. Just switch the phone screen to achieve angle switching. You can remote control the direction through mobile phone. 4x Digital zoom enables you to zoom in to see far-away objects more details without impairing image quality or zoom out to get a wider and larger view. 

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