6 Shot Glass Dispenser

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Stop wasting time pouring one shot at a time! Pour 6 at once! That means more time to party!


Having some friends over that like to take shots? Looking to fill up multiple shot glasses at one time? This 6 shot glass holder and the carrier will allow you to easily fill up to six shot glasses at once with your favorite beverage of choice and then carry them, all in one! If you are looking to purchase more than one, please add to cart and then change your quantity!

Liquor pourer for 6 glasses!

Place your shot glasses under what I can only describe to you as an udder. You pour your alcohol of choice into the top. Then it dispenses that liquid gold to all the shot glasses below and boom, you have shots for six almost instantly. It even includes a carrier, so you can simply lift it up and bring them over to your friends.

NOTE: This item is not dishwasher safe. You may use lukewarm water to clean the item if needed.

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